Social Responsibility, something without which a company cannot run today !


At Wild Organic Exports, we put social responsibility at an equal priority with other business priorities. Profit making is already a priority for many, in fact all the businesses. But what about the responsibilities that we have to bear? We strongly believe in giving back. A company, especially like ours, cannot run without taking from the society. Resources when it comes to Wild Collection, Craftsmenship when it comes to manufacturing items, trust when it comes to running the business. We take all these to make our business sustain. But what about giving back? We know giving back is very important.


A simple yet very popular program among our clients, we call it Pencil Box Program (PBP). Under this program, we donate a dozen of exercise book (12 units) and pencil box to a child for every single business you do with us. Ready for a PBP?


We just not do business with you, we also connect you to a huge community of farmers & collectors where you can also get associated with the "Giving back to the society" program. We are already donating 2% of our annual profit to these collectors and farmers living in the rural areas for their economic development. What's your plan?


We are happy to let you know that we have recently launched a new program, whereby we are giving back almost 1% of our annual profit to a social organization run by communities. We have made it a point that we give back to those organizations that does not get any foreign aids from any aspects. So, where there is no one for aid, we are there for this organization. Its an old age home (not exactlly) that is taking care of around 12 old people who are seeking medical aids, good food & accomodation. They were all picked up from streets. They were helpless and were thrown away from home by their childs for some 'reason'.


We want you to join hands with us so that we can increase our help towards these homeless/helpless old people who are always seeking for some helping hands.


CEO - Bikram Thapa